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This morning we released new ethical company index rankings for laundry detergent brands. These new rankings reflect the latest research by our research team, and include updated grading in accordance with our new toxic chemicals policy.

Mega-wash companies like Procter & Gamble and Lever Brothers control a massive market share. Their research and development divisions are masters at devising new and impressive-sounding formulations for their products, dazzling people with promises of whiter and whiter whites. While performance and value for money are undoubtedly important, most of the things put in the average wash simply don’t need the highest level of performance. And with improved quality and effectiveness of alternative eco-sensitive brands, the average consumer really does have a decision to make.

New ethical comparison rankings

In terms of the new rankings, Ecover has dropped to being ranked among the least ethical. They join the likes of Tide, Surf, Fairy and Ariel (among others).

At the top, a number of ethical alternative options are available. Living Naturally has Ethical Accreditation and is highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide. They are the only brand to score a perfect 100 ECI. Just below them is Bio-D, Ecoleaf, Ecozone, Faith in Nature, Greenscents, ECOS and Attitude.

You can learn more and review the rankings here.

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