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Earlier today we released an update to our research on Bottled Water brands. The big news associated with this update has to do with Brecon Carreg, who has been awarded Ethical Accreditation.

Consistent with our past research, in the mineral industry the multinationals are in charge – even when it comes to brands such as Malvern and Buxton. In fact, all the world-wide market leaders (Evian, Volvic, Perrier and San Pellegrino) are under the control of either Danone or Nestle. These companies have faced serious criticism in recent years. Additionally, the Bottled Water industry is often criticized for being wasteful, unsustainable and misleading. Consider, for instance, recent news on the Counter-Progressive “Plastic Lobby”.

It is always more ethical to drink tap water and to use re-usable bottles. However, if you find yourself out and about and in need of a drink, there are alternative Bottled Water brands – like Brecon Carreg – which do score highly on the Ethical Company Index.

Review our latest research and see which brands rank top (and bottom) for overall ethics.

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