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Did you know animal testing is a serious issue when it comes to the pet food industry? One would think in a sector, where companies often advertise and promote the care for animals, these same companies would, in turn, care for animals. Don’t let the warm and fuzzy branding messages fool you, the mistreatment of animals is a serious stain on large parts of the pet food industry.

The big four pet food companies include Purina Petcare (Nestlé), Hills Pet Nutrition (Colgate Palmolive), Iams (Procter & Gamble), and Pedigree (Mars). Investigation by BUAV has shown that all of these companies provide funding for, or carry out their own, animal testing.

Procedures in the UK may involve some of the following: isolation of animals for long periods, endoscopy, periods of complete fasting or food restriction, application of skin irritants, frequent changes of diet during trials and plucking hair from near the base of the tail, as well as regular sedation, anaesthetics and enemas. Many animals become too sick as a result of the testing and have to be withdrawn from trials. The fate for others can be worse still; according to the BUAV, an experiment supported by Iams artificially induced kidney failure in cats, resulting in the death of two animals.

The good news is that there are alternatives! Before you make your next purchase have a look at our Quick Ranking Table , and review and compare the ethical standing of the world’s pet food brands.

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